April 29, 2015

Pinewood Derby 2015

Emerson and his pinewood derby car for his Bear year of scouts.
 The car was pretty, but pretty slow too.  Oh well.
Emerson brought Ross like last year to cheer him on.  It was so fun for these buddies to be together. At the end of the night they were so upset that Ross couldn't stay longer.  I'm so happy Emerson has such a great friend.

April 25, 2015

Josh is 36

Josh turned 36.
We have been together for half his life, 18 years.
Each year I take the kids to the store and they decide what they would like to get for Josh.  So, here ya go....
 Urban was dying over the plastic mallet.

Emerson's turn.

 He chose a crank radio.  Josh was so pleased.

 "Some People wrap gifts for birthdays, but I wrote you one....
You're my dad and you're as cool as a comic,
If you read one you would totally rock it,
To the moon, to the stars, off the planet earth,
I'm so happy this is the day of your birth."
Love, Emerson
 Ida's turn.  Her card said Josh was as cool as an airplane.

 And she got him body warmers.
 Urban couldn't put the radio down.

 And, Ida chose a fire starter.

 I made him a cherry pie.

 He and Emerson read the Facebook post and comments.
 We sang.
 And Josh looked through all the old blog posts.  He does it every year.  And he gets teary, like every year.  Here's to another year wiser!

April 11, 2015

Emerson is 10

Our firstborn child is 10.  I am neither feeling upset nor settled about the idea of having Emerson be ten.  He was the first one to teach me how to be a mom and my little during that transition in life.  From the start, I had such a clear understanding of his needs.  He has taught me to trust my mom brain and be excited about the simple things in life.  He has always be excited about things others may not notice.  I love him for who he is.  So, I am not settled on the idea of him moving farther from the wonderful toddler memories I have of him, but I am not upset about it either because he is one awesome human being becoming a wonderful tween.
Emerson on the morning of his 10th birthday.

Ida helped decorate his bed as a surprise for him.
Josh took Emerson and his two buddies to Zap Zone to celebrate his birthday.  These boys are such great friends.  They had a blast.

Emerson chose a triple layer chocolate cake with homemade butter cream chocolate and vanilla frosting.  YUM!

Happy Birthday, Buddy!  We love you!

April 5, 2015

Sick for Easter

We were terribly sick over Spring Break and Easter.  So much so that Urban ended up in Pediatric ER for fluids.  He just couldn't keep anything down no matter how hard we tried.  He was a super trooper handling the prick from the IV and really complained only about the rubber band tied around his arm used to find a vein for the IV line. It was so nice when he started cracking jokes again and returned to his humorous self.  An Urban that lays around and sleeps all day without talking is a sick Urban for sure.
Ida was horrible sick as well.  She and Urban would get sick within minutes of each other on the hour.  It was rough.  Emerson is the one who picked it up somewhere and brought it home.  He fought it off in a few days and was ready for Easter fun while the other two laid around miserable.
 He did a solo act dying eggs this year.
 And though we were sick, the Easter Bunny came as scheduled.
Instead of a family gathering with ham and deviled eggs, we spent the day vegged out on couches and chairs watching movies.  Glad it's over!!!
We reminded the children that it will be a Spring Break/Easter that goes down in history.  They will always remember Barfy Break of 2015!