February 18, 2015

basketball season

Basketball season is almost over for this year already.  I know that makes Emerson bummed because he really loves going and playing with his friends.  It's fun to watch him understand the game more this year too.
The boys are coached by the high school teams.  Emerson's coach is the really tall guy with pink shoes.  He can dunk and that is totally awesome!  It is Emerson's principal's son so he really likes him.  Also, the other tall kid in the picture to Emerson's right is the coach's brother.  He is in Ida's class.  Yes, he is a VERY tall 3rd grader.

Can't wait for next year!
p.s. The scoreboard guy in the chair there is the principal's husband.....it's a family affair!

February 16, 2015

valentine's: boxes and grandpa

Here are the Valentine Boxes of 2015......Wildcat and piano.
They turned out pretty amazing.  Both of the older children were slow to get excited about having to make a box this year, but once they decided on what to make it was all excitement.
It was the first year for Emerson to have a Valentine Box contest in class.  He is never one to get completely involved in a contest, but you know what happened this year?....................................
He stinkin' won!
He was shocked and very proud of his work.  I helped him with the hot gluing because, let's face it, that stuff is dangerous!  He nailed the marble eye bit.  That was all him.
The wildcat is sitting on his dresser now.  At night we turn it to face the wall because it is just a little too.......beattie eyed for nighttime!  Hahahaha!
There wasn't a competition in Ida's class, but according to her, she would have totally won.  Of course.  Again, I just helped with the hot gluing, though she has a knack for it.  Not one burned finger on her hand compared to my two.
She pretend plays the piano constantly.  I was fearing she would ask us to hook music to it in some way.....like a music box.  That would have been over-the-top.
Valentine Boxes were definitely a success this year.
Now on to Grandpa.......we had planned to have him come on Valentine's day but it ended up being -30 degrees outside with the windchill and he was feeling anxious about making the drive.  Very understandable.  We ate heart shaped pancakes without him.....

He came to visit today instead.  We did crafts and ate chili.

Our craft challenge was to make an animal using only heart shaped pieces.  It was awesome.  And, here is the heart zoo:
Emerson: Bluebird
 Urban: Squirrel
 Grandpa: Panda
 Mom: Tiger
 Ida: Grasshopper

They will most likely stay up until this summer.  I love them.

February 11, 2015

DETROIT basketball

A week ago we took the children to a Detroit Piston basketball game and they were blown away.  
They loved every second of it.

The entertainment was so cool the whole night too.  Each time there was a time out called, someone ran on stage and did some kind of dancing or drumming or something.  But the halftime show....um, the halftime show as a no-no.  Hold F-bomb every other word.  And way too racey for a family event. We decided to take a bathroom break and skip that part.
The little acorns are already asking when we can go again.

February 1, 2015

blizzard of january 2015

The blizzard of 2015 has hit and is whirling as I type.  It has been just what we have needed to get us over the middle of the winter hump.  Plus, a huge blizzard never hurt anyone and the anticipation of it usually feels like waking up on your birthday.  It's just fun.

We decided to go out and play for a pre-Super Bowl party.  It absolutely didn't disappoint us.  

School is already cancelled for tomorrow.  We must have 14 inches already.  Go Seahawks.

January 16, 2015

ice rink 2015

Josh built an ice rink in our back yard!
It is one of the most thrilling things we have done as parents.
When Josh was a boy, he used to dump buckets of water in his back yard hoping it would freeze into a rink he could share with his neighborhood.  It never did and he held onto that dream for years.
This year he fulfilled that dream.
Emerson says, "Your living your dream, Dad!"  I love hearing that.

We have had so much fun with friends already.  I just don't want to take it down.  I LOVE IT!

Emerson and his best buddy Ross.  I truly hope they stay friends forever.