June 25, 2016

YELLOWSTONE National Park -- (June 2016) (part 2)

ALERT: Long post and tons of pictures.
Something that was on our "Must do" list while in Yellowstone was to hike Uncle Tom's Trail.  It is a set of 328 stairs secured to the side of a cliff.  Like........coooool.
Totally unfortunate for us, the trail was closed and wasn't reopening until later in June when the weather warmed enough at night that the mist coming from the waterfall wouldn't freeze to the stairs. We were super bummed.  BUUUUUMMED!  So, Uncle Tom's Trail still remains on our "To-Do" list.

Uncle Tom's Trail is located in an area call Canyon Village.  It is what they deem the Grand Canyon of the park.  It is very pretty.

As we were driving in the North Rim and listening to the Yellowstone GyPSY App (Highly recommend) we passed Glacial Boulder which was deposited by a huge glacier as it moved through the park.  It originated in the Beartooth Mountains about 150 miles away.  We were fascinated.
The absolute, most horrid smells of our Yellowstone experience came from Dragon's Mouth and Mud Volcano.  It was terrible.
Mud Volcano.  The kids could barely stand it.  I offered to walk the boardwalks and hike further into the area but the kids overwhelmingly declined.  They were done.

Yellowstone Lake area.  A rainstorm blew in which only added to the beauty of the area.  The weather changes within minutes in Yellowstone.  There were some locals suiting up to go fly fishing right by where we were hanging out and the rain didn't even phase them.   

Old Faithful Geyser Basin was the. coolest.  Darn I say that it wasn't Old Faithful that makes this area a must do?  Granted, because Old Faithful well known and the most predictable geyser in the park, erupting every 75 minutes +/- 10 minutes, we definitely didn't want to miss our opportunity to take part in an eruption.  But man, let me tell you, the boardwalks/hikes along this geyser basin are truly awesome.

Huge crowds gather before "she blows."  We hung back because we were in a better position in the back to see and take pictures.

The clouds make it difficult to see, but we saw it!  And, had enough time to prop up the camera and take a family picture as well.
The lights inside the Old Faithful Lodge.
We grabbed ice cream in the lodge and huge out watching Old Faithful steam.
Old Faithful Inn
Old Faithful visitor center.
Geyser Basin.
Castle Geyser..Amazing.

Even the pancakes in Yellowstone are park appropriate.
Urban asked me to take a picture of his bear cakes.
Prismatic Geyser was out last touristy spot in the park.
It had just rained so the colors were more dull than normal.  And, mist was over the top.  We were drenched after walking the boardwalks.  Plus, I needed some Valium, ha!  I was holding onto my babies for dear life.  Tourist didn't seem to mind bumping into small children though there were NO GUARD RAILS preventing them from falling in.  Woah.  I did my best getting pictures, but didn't want to take my chances getting a group picture.

Back on safe ground.

Fire hole drive!  Short hike to a river and just beautiful.

Urban posed us and decided he wanted to be a photographer when he grows up.
Urban's work follows.

There are people everywhere in the park.  Even places you think you may be alone.

And then we took Ida to Idaho.  We HAD to.  I mean, come on.