November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014 and still cold

Waaaayyyyy back in September the children decided what they wanted to be for Halloween this year and I was on board with their ideas the second I heard.  Urban was pushing to be a policeman.  We told Urban that if he chose to be a policeman and we got the costume, then he would need to be a policeman and that was that. He used every word in his preschool vocabulary to convince Josh and I that he would not change his mind once Halloween rolled around.  We agreed, knowing that he is a 3 year old, mind you.

Emerson and Ida were feeling less into big time costumes this year and more along the lines of something simple and functional that packed a big punch.  And I don't even remember who said the word robber, but the rest is history.

It turns out that Urban is a very predictable young man!  In all fairness, he wore his policeman costume to our church party but begged me to wear the lion costume from the costume tub on Halloween night.  This may be the exact costume we had tried to convince him to wear before we got the policeman costume.  But, you say potatoe, I say potato, ya know?  No harm, no foul.  Don't cry over spilled milk.  Really, I didn't care.

We loaded the robbers and the lion and headed to town.

It was freezing cold and raining, again, just like the last 3-4 years have been.  But fun was had by all. We managed to walk completely around two blocks and then we called it a night and headed home to warm our toes.

And sort our candy.  This part brings back so many fun memories.  Did you know people still hand out the peanut butter soft candies wrapped in black and orange wrappers?  I was shocked!

October 24, 2014

swing set in Autumn

And more piles of leaves!

October 23, 2014


Nothing like a pile of leaves.