July 8, 2016

With My Favorite People In Heaven

Lake Michigan is absolutely Heaven on earth.  One of our favorite summer activities is to jump in the car and take day trips to the beach.  There is nothing like it.
We have a favorite beach we go to near Holland that is off the beaten path, kind of an area mainly locals know about.  We stumbled upon it a few years ago and liked it so much we keep going back.
The waves were the perfect mix of fun and excitement.  Choppy enough for entertainment while being safe enough to enjoy the water.

 Of course the water was freezing yet refreshing.

  But it took the children no time to warm up and dive in.

And snorkel.  She was dying that she couldn't smile in the snorkel.   

 Always Lego time with him.

 The dollar store straw hats were great, but the people and the lake made a perfect day.

July 4, 2016

Independence Day

 My favorite holiday.  And, it was a blast.

June 29, 2016

Ida is 10!!

Happy 10th Birthday to Ida Arlene! She was given her middle name after her Great Grandma Grau. She is kind-hearted, loyal, energetic, artistic and forgiving. She is a solid human being and fierce friend who truly loves her brothers. She teaches us how to live now and worry later; to find joy in the journey. We are so happy to have this girl be the "glue" to our Fraker kid crew. We love you!

Ida's best friend came over on her actual birthday and she thought that was FANTASTIC!  I am so glad these two have each other.  They are good kids with genuine hearts who like to have fun.
Ida Bluestreak is a nickname her friend gave her....and she got her a shirt that said that exact thing.  It was so thoughtful.

And, the weather was just like when Ida was born.  Sunny, sunny, sunny. 
 She brings sunshine to the world and we are happy to raise her.