September 6, 2016

School 2016-2017

Emerson-6th, Urban-Kindergarten, Ida-5th

Urban misses Mom when he is first dropped off at school, but other than that, everyone loves school this year!  What a blessing.  
This kids are amazing!!

August 19, 2016

Go Forth With Faith

 Back to School Feast 2016
Theme: Go Forth With Faith (I can do hard things)

We have two themes for this school year.  The first is "Go Forth With Faith."
There is always going to be uncertainty in life and this can cause nervousness and doubt.  But, it can also create excitement and renewal of life.  When we go forth with faith in our creator, ourselves and our families we can conquer the world!  It's okay not to know, but greatness starts with trying.

The second is "I Can Do Hard Things."
Hard things will come.  And we are each strong enough to handle exactly that.
Believe it.

 Urban really wanted a balloon with helium for a long time.  Josh picked some up at Busches and left them in his car.  By feast time, they were flat.  Ha! and BOOOO. 
We tried.
 Ida got a necklace that says "I can do hard things."  The boys each got a tie clip with H.T. engraved in it for Hard Things.
They also got a coupon for a "Make your own Montana shirt."
The menu was:
Home made Au Gratin Potatoes
Italian salad 
Better than anything cake.

 The beautiful children.
The best we could do!

August 12, 2016

All the Graus

We stopped in to see Grandma and Grandpa.  I know our schedule is going to get busy and I want to make sure I take the kids to see them before we move.  When I told Grandma that we were moving, we were on the phone together.  I couldn't see her face, but the love in her voice and excitement in her words meant so much to me.  She and I have always been close.  I love her.  I named my daughter after her because she is special to me.  I am proud of that.  I am proud to say that I think my Grandma and Grandpa are proud of me.
When Grandma was in the hospital having cancerous lumps removed from her breasts, I went to visit her with my mom and siblings.  I specifically remember when it was time to leave, I did not want to go.  I told mom I would stay all day and she could come pick me up later.  I was a shy kids, but I knew in that moment how special my Grandma was to me.
I have felt that love for her ever since.
 Uncle Tim and Aunt Debbie where are the house when we got there.
They taught the kids how to play marbles.  The kids picked up on it right away and really enjoyed themselves.
And before we went, Urban insisted on taking a picture of us all together.  
When I least expect it, my kids do exactly what I didn't know I needed.

August 5, 2016

little chef

This little beauty loves to cook.  And her brothers love to eat.  Match made it heaven.  Gotta get her in some cooking classes.

August 2, 2016

For all the good feelings

I plan to get a vitamin D light when we move to Helena.  I hear they boost mood and energy.  Not gonna lie, I've been known to not exactly have the best mood during the winter months.  
Until mine arrives, here's a little stop of pure joy to boost my energy.

July 22, 2016

when grandpa comes to visit and you try to take a picture

Our move is making me emotional, excited and sentimental.  
To the point that I think I need to take pictures of everyone and everything to document our history, our memories, our people, our Michigan life.
So, Grandpa came to visit, and I attempted a photo session with the four stooges.  


THERE!  We got one! (Please excuse alllllll the white legs.)  

July 15, 2016

We Are Moving. Yes, we are moving.

It's true.  We are moving.  To Helena, Montana.  A place I used to dream about as a girl playing MASH with my friends on the bus ride home from school.  I knew nothing about the State or it's history.  I didn't know that the Northern Lights are visible on clear, crisp nights.  That Elk and trout scatter the land like mosquitoes in Michigan.  I had a feeling it would be beautiful.  A place where heaven meets the land and silence is the preferred way of life.  But, I never knew, I never knew I would move my family to Big Sky country at some point in my life.  Moving, in itself, was a dream. My small town word was so small and dreams of moving anywhere was dreaming dreams.
My world changed when I married a dreamer who was also a doer.  Thank God I did because limits are what make life feel small.  Now, I'm going to explode!  We are moving to Montana!
Josh and I bought this very first house to commit.  Really, we were committing to living life without a direct plan.  We had always been movers, lived in 8 different homes with 7 of them still in the same area that we grew up.  But, we were committing to our future, our children, our family, our roots, our posterity, our Lord, our faith by buying this home.
And, it was everything we had hoped it would be.

And the irony is that we are leaving it because we are committing to our future, our children, our family, our roots, our posterity, our Lord, our faith.  Josh's new supervisor job at the Helena air port will give us our dad and that will give us the world.  Moving away doesn't mean we don't love those we are leaving behind, it means that we do love them.  That we love them enough to be the best we can be, to share with them in our life adventure.  Josh and I have learned though all this that we are our kid's roots. When they are older, I don't want them to take care of us, I want them to take care of their children and I want to take care of them.  That can happen anywhere.

 So, at the end of September we will say farewell to the house that taught us SO much.

 And move forward with giving our children wings to fly.

The world at times seems so small, but we hope to give them strength to realize it can be so big.  Our mottoes this year:
1. I can do hard things!
2. Go for with faith!

July 8, 2016

With My Favorite People In Heaven

Lake Michigan is absolutely Heaven on earth.  One of our favorite summer activities is to jump in the car and take day trips to the beach.  There is nothing like it.
We have a favorite beach we go to near Holland that is off the beaten path, kind of an area mainly locals know about.  We stumbled upon it a few years ago and liked it so much we keep going back.
The waves were the perfect mix of fun and excitement.  Choppy enough for entertainment while being safe enough to enjoy the water.

 Of course the water was freezing yet refreshing.

  But it took the children no time to warm up and dive in.

And snorkel.  She was dying that she couldn't smile in the snorkel.   

 Always Lego time with him.

 The dollar store straw hats were great, but the people and the lake made a perfect day.