September 1, 2014

Summer List 2014

Our awesome dad put the basketball hoop up over the weekend!  The children are extremely happy with him.  A friend from church gave us the old hoop.  The same friends who drove over to the house about three years ago with a truck full of sand and made a sandbox in our yard for the kids. They are such nice people. Getting the hoop mounted was on our Summer List 2014.  It's been a busy, nice summer and we were able to do almost every last thing on our list this year.

Summer List 2014
√ Ride a train
√ Make rock box under the tree fort
√ Camp in yard
    Blueberry picking.......there were no blueberries this year.
√ Strawberry picking
√ Go to the lake
√ Go fishing
√ Finish kid rooms: Ida's room √, Boy room....working on it
√ Ride a train
√ Spend the night at Granny's house
√ Go to the fair
√ Go to the parade
√ Zoo......We went to Field Museum instead
   Look at dogs (we want a golden doodle....this may be tricky)
√ 4th of July Fireworks
√ Put up the basketball hoop

August 28, 2014



This year we chose the theme BE TRUE.
Above all things, we want our children to be true to who they are, what they believe, and in their faith.
We desire for them to be true to humanity and an honest/true giver to the world in which they have been blessed with and in which they live.
Grilled chicken
Noodles with pesto
Corn hash
Chocolate creme cake
Pink lemonade
I embroidered BE TRUE on a pouch for the two older children and LEGOS on a pouch for Urban.  Legos are truly what makes Urban happy!  They also got a new water bottle and a zipper tag that says, "Families Are Forever."  We told the children that no matter what happens during the day to stay true to themselves and then come home to where they are fully loved and accepted.  No matter what, we will love them and give them refuge.

The Frakers Five.

August 25, 2014

My heart belongs to CHICAGO

Can I just say that I think Chicago has needed me for all these years and I just didn't know it.  I mean, I connected with Chicago like a student to her kindergarten teacher.  I was there just enamored.  Ida was there enamored with me.  Two small town girls engulfed in the dazzle of the big city. We were smitten. Enchanted.
We stopped by the Chicago temple to walk around and marvel at it's beauty.  It was 90 degrees out.  I loved it.  Ida is determined to be married here.  The boys....not so much.  They wanted the air conditioning.
Oh yeah, do you remember those times as a child when you have found the right outfit, shirt and shorts, that makes you beam?  Ida has found hers and you will be seeing her wear it often.  Just a side note. Glad we cleared that up!
We also hit up Milwaukee for a day and found the perfect beach.  It turned out to be the absolute best beach day we have ever had as a family.

Two of the boys napped.  It was awesome.  Urban woke up and said, "I love this beach day."

The older two children made a mud pool.

I'm telling you, way cool beach.

The Metra.
It is amazing.

We took the metra to grad central station in route to Field Museum.

Down town. Walking through down town was my favorite part of the entire trip.  I loved it.

Ida died with happiness.  She is a city girl.

Halfway through the trip Emerson started feeling sick. Ida was still all beams.

The view from Field Museum.

So, once we got inside, Emerson was sick. He and Josh hung out in the basement while the other two children and I explored the museum.  By the time we reached the dinosaurs, Urban had checked out.  He did NOT want his picture taken.  Ida ran solo.

This museum is beyond awesome.  The most fantastic place.  Dinosaur Hall blew us away.  The children asked for dinosaur bones and BAM!, they got an entire wing crammed with bones.  It was awesome.

Ida took this picture on the way home riding the Metra.  And before we left Chicago, Emerson threw up in the bathroom at Wendys. It was a great vacation.